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Executive Search

At Infinite’s Executive Search division, we help Organizations build leadership teams at board and management level positions like Directors, President, C level (CEOs, COOs, CTO’s CFOs), Vice Presidents, Country Heads, and General Manager etc.

Our decades of quality networking, broad industry experience & a proven search methodology has given us the competitive edge to recruit top class executive teams to ensure our clients achieve their business goals.

Our 5-step hiring methodology includes

  • Discovery Sessions with the client – Our team will gain a thorough understanding of the position’s specifications as well as your company’s unique organization culture, key business strategies and challenges, nuances of the role to ensure they have a pulse of your requirement.
  • Market Research & Scouting – Before we start, we will first provide you with a deep analysis of the market. Our unique search experience for our clients ensures We pair best in class research capabilities with a commitment to cutting-edge technology. Our deep market analysis & scouting ability ensures talent pipelines across all industries and geographies for our clients. 
  • Talent Mapping – Our in-house Executive Search team maps out Competitor companies and systematically targets key talent from these firms, as well as other potential professionals across the globe.
  • Candidate Assessment – We know this position is not a run of the mill position for you, you are looking to hire a leader who can drive your Business, revenue & growth. We ensure all potential leadership hires are interviewed by our Management teams to understand their fitment to the role. We use various behavioral & competency assessment tools to ensure the prospective leader fits your DNA.
  • Pre-Onboarding & Onboarding – Once a prospective candidate is identified, we perform a thorough background check on the chosen candidate as a part of pre-onboarding. We assist you with crafting an offer strategy. Once the candidate accepts the offer, the comprehensive onboarding process begins. The onboarding plan builds a foundation that helps integrate the new hire into the business successfully & accelerate the new hire’s contribution to the company. As a final step, our Consultants gather feedback & provide recommendations during the first 90 days after Onboarding to ensure smooth transitioning.

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