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Project Management

Methodology components

  • Project Commitment Cycle (PCC) the framework of our methodology, the PCC defines key activities, deliverables, and checkpoints based on project requirements
  • Defined Roles & Responsibilities clearly defines each team member’s duties and authority
  • Communication Management effective and seamless communication is one of the most important factors for guaranteeing project success
  • Risk Management continuous risk assessment and control
  • Change Management ensuring you have full control over cost, timeline and requirements
  • Quality Assurance Processes quality driven procedures and processes

Discipline and planning yield success

When IT projects fail, it’s often due to poor planning or project control. Infinite Staffing’s software delivery model is built on proven, industry-standard project management methodology.

Infinite Staffing’s project management methodology brings you

  • Predictability accurately plan your product releases and critical business dependencies
  • Repeatability guarantees that each project is managed to the same standards
  • Quality ensures your business needs are met with reliable, effective software
  • Measurability standard processes with built-in checkpoints and reporting
  • Communications regular communication with stakeholders guarantees common understanding

Risk Management

Our approach to risk management is based on a continuous risk assessment and control process. Risk management starts in the Planning phase and continues throughout the engagement. Risk control includes both mitigation – active efforts to prevent a risk – and response planning for lower impact risks.

Project Commitment Cycle

The heart of the Infinite Staffing’s project management approach is our PCC. The PCC is a common framework of project phases that spell out the activities, deliverable’s and quality checkpoints for the whole project.

Quality Assurance

Infinite Staffing’s project management methodology includes a built-in focus on quality. From the beginning of your project, we conduct a series of requirement gathering sessions, followed by thorough documentation and requirements trace-ability. A five step testing approach verifies requirements and functionality at each stage. This detailed requirements tracking and testing guarantees that the final product meets all of your business objectives.

With Infinite Staffing’s detailed project methodology supporting you, you’ll feel confident in a successful implementation every time.

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