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E-Commerce Case Study

Problem Statement

Technical and Application Complexity:

  • Client required a new module called as Data files, majorly used by China staff. Existing application flow had around 8 tiers which further slowed down the application
  • Defect leakage due to Requirement gaps from End Users

Code Quality and Productivity:

  • Code quality in terms of defect slippage to production was major concern. Defects in production directly had an impact on Sales. Also, overall productivity in terms of release to market was on higher side

Infinite Solution & Differentiated/ Value Additions

Technical Upgrade:

  • Infinite implemented bootstrap and Angular.js on client side. Created new rest base services and cut down from 8 to 4 tiers only
  • Clickable UI Prototypes : An interactive representation of the final product, more detailed than a wire-frame. Enables users to experience & test their journey through the user interface (UI)

Agile Scrum processes and Automation:

  • ICS applied streamlined Agile-Scrum processes like Continuous Integration, TDD/ ATDD, Regression automation, Unit Performance Testing
  • Automation testing has ensured lot of efforts saved in-turn showing an excellent Cost ROI

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